Oyster Mushrooms

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Chef’s Favorite

Their meaty texture, their subtle nutty and delicate seafood flavor makes Oyster mushrooms versatile and fun to cook with- pink oysters may even surprise you with a hint of bacon savoriness. They are perfect for adding texture and taste to soups, sauces and stir-fry.

Sea Of Flavors and Colors

Easy to grow, these fungi are like artists, coming in white, yellow, pink, blue, grey, and black. All the different colors come with slightly different flavor profiles but none lack that special umami goodness.

How to Enjoy Your Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms can be easily dried or preserved for longer shelf life, allowing you to enjoy their flavors beyond their peak season. Have you tried pickled mushrooms? Combine sliced mushrooms, vinegar, water, salt, and your favorite spices in a jar, refrigerate for a day, and enjoy the tangy transformation!

Special Benefits

  1. Meat Substitute: one cup gives 12% of recommended iron intake
  2. Vitamin D: UV-light-treated mushrooms are loaded with Vitamin D
  3. Balance Immunity: loaded with antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress


Also known as yamabushitake, which charmingly translates to “those who sleep in the mountains,” Lion’s Mane mushrooms hold a poetic connection to their natural habitat.

Clean-Up Crew
They can grow up to a staggering 50 pounds in weight, showing their remarkable ability to thrive and flourish in their mountainous homes.

Lion’s Mane was first discovered by Buddhist monks around 2000 years ago, adding a touch of ancient mystique to its enduring appeal.

Recipe: 10-min Garlic Oyster Mushrooms

1 pound of oyster mushrooms,
Fresh garlic,
Olive oil,
Salt, pepper
White wine.

1.In a large skillet heat and melt a combination of butter and olive oil.
2. Add sliced oyster mushrooms, in an even layer.
3. Allow them to sit undisturbed for about 3 minutes for caramelized edges.
4. Stir the mushrooms and let them cook for 2 more minutes,
5. Add a touch of elegance, pour in white wine and let it infuse for an extra 2 minutes.
6. Stir in freshly minced garlic and parsley and let it cook in the skillet for an additional minute
7. Sprinkle your creation with salt and pepper

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