Lion’s Mane

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Flavor and Texture Delight

Think crab or lobster vibes, with a meaty and stringy texture that makes every bite an adventure. With their wild and shaggy appearance

Smarty-pants of the fungi family

Just imagine them wearing tiny mushroom-sized glasses! These brainy wonders might help stimulate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF),that boosts brain function. So not only do they taste incredible, but they’re also a genius addition to your well-being!

How to tame the Lion’s Mane

This mushroom is as versatile as it’s delicious – you can enjoy it raw, cooked, dried, or as a refreshing cup of tea.

Secret tip:

Cooking them in butter turns the flavor dial all the way up. Pan-seared as savory steaks, tucked into street tacos, or shredded into mouthwatering vegetarian “crab cakes” – Lion’s Mane knows how to steal the show on your plate!

Special Benefits

  1. Gut Guardian: Improves digestive wellness- supporting conditions like gastritis.
  2. Mood Lift: by increasing the production of dopamine and serotonin- the feel good hormones
  3. Memory Boost: amplifies cognitive clarity, recall and focus – by doubling neuron growth


Also known as yamabushitake, which charmingly translates to “those who sleep in the mountains,” Lion’s Mane mushrooms hold a poetic connection to their natural habitat.

They can grow up to a staggering 50 pounds in weight, showing their remarkable ability to thrive and flourish in their mountainous homes.

Lion’s Mane was first discovered by Buddhist monks around 2000 years ago, adding a touch of ancient mystique to its enduring appeal.

Recipe: 10-min Lion’s Mane Coffee

8 oz. Water
1 heaping tbsp. coarsely ground coffee
1 tsp. Lion’s Mane mushroom powder
2 oz. Cream
Sweetener to taste

1.Heat water almost to a boil in a kettle.
2.Combine mushroom powder and coffee in a French press.
3. Pour hot water, stir, and press down gently.
4. Let sit for 4 minutes, pour into a cup
5. Add cream/sweetener to taste

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